Walking Around Seoul Markets

Full of Korean spices and chachkies

Markets in Seoul make you feel as if you’re at home, even as a foreigner. At the market I visited, several small pop-up stores were lined up next to each other and, like most public places in korea, the market felt clean and well maintained. Vendors were welcoming and not pushy, and many caved into my peers’ bargaining. Prices were not as cheap as those at vendors in the heart of Seoul, yet I found reasonable deals. Walking around the market, I saw countless stationary sets and magnets. I didn’t purchase any souvenirs here, but there would be no issue in finding something if I had to.

After window shopping, we had free food samples. I tried several spices and fish-flavored snacks. Later in the day, people began preparing food in the food court. I observed staff fermenting kimchi and cutting pork.

I wish that there were more markets like this one in New Jersey! Even though I circled around the place multiple times, the market seemed to never end. I always found a new food to try or a new booth to check out until it was time to leave.


With style,