The Canada Series 2016: Favorite Food​

Canadians have their fair share of great restaurants; as a tourist, I heavily engaged myself in trying Montréal’s cuisine.

You won’t necessarily find a ton of baguettes in this former French empire. However, the savory goodness of Canadian cuisine is enough to make any native or tourist drool. 

Montréal is known for its daytime cuisine. I personally did not eat at any of the delis, but my Canadian family-friends kept bragging about the Jewish bagels.

The Canada Series 


One of my favorite places was this bar/restaurant Brasseurs. I know what you’re thinking – really, pizza in Montréal? But I can’t tell you how hungry I was that evening! I have to say though, as a Jersey pizza snob I was pleasantly surprised. Or maybe it was simply because of my ravenous appetite!




A local cafe, tourist candy, Cafe Chat L’heureux

Hope that you enjoyed this post! If in Montreal, I highly recommend trying the local food rather than eating at chain restaurants (though there aren’t that many in Montreal to begin with). From the customer service to the experience – makes me want to be a Canuck for another day!

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