Refreshing Green Tea

Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – what’s not to love about drinking green tea?

My love for green tea started over six years ago. I visited South Korea and walked around Boseong Green Tea Fields and a local farm, where I was exposed to leaf-picking and, in my opinion, the best of the best in terms of fresh green tea. After the 2013 Korea trip, I drank tea religiously throughout eighth grade but then stopped once I entered high school. Fast forward to college, I’ve made it a priority to chose tea over coffee some days, especially when I know that I have to be asleep by earlier hours.  


Green tea’s benefits are not only from drinking one of nature’s finest gems! Not only are there plenty of green-tea flavored desserts and snacks, but green tea benefits your skin as well. I plan to have an entire post dedicated to green tea beauty products. 


Like every college student, I love my coffee (especially if I I order one mixed with a hazelnut flavor shot!). However, nothing feels more relaxing than drinking a steaming hot cup of green tea. I miss out on a sugar rush, but sometimes I prefer feeling the warmth of the tea. I love how I can comfortably drink tea both in the morning and at night, whereas I can only drink coffee in the morning or risk experiencing caffeine jitters as I try falling asleep. 


I prefer to use tea powders over tea bags. Not only do they last longer, as I only need a tiny pinch of powder per cup, but using powder makes easy mixing for matcha recipes. Once the powder becomes pasty, I add either milk or honey (or both!) into my tea. I sometimes have the tea on its own, but a milkier drink is perfect for when my sweet tooth kicks in. 


If you haven’t already, make yourself a sizzling cup of green tea for the day!

With style,