The Canada Series 2016: Mont Royal

Where else can you find an enlarged cross in the middle of nature? 

I boasted about Montreal’s city life, but we can’t forget to acknowledge the city’s nature trails!

For a Jersey girl, the temperatures in Canada seemed frigid. However, native residents were already accustomed to the cold and dry weather by that point. Regardless, I loved exploring Mont Royal and its peaceful scenery.

A popular landmark that everyone should visit is Mont Royal. Mont Royal’s significance to Canadians can be compared to how Americans treasure Central Park in New York City. Mont Royal is a hill located in downtown Montreal that has several running paths and rest stops that overlook the city. 

I took this photograph on my way towards the top of the mountain. It was the middle of November, but leaves still held onto their color.

I am used to seeing rich orange and red hues in the US’ leaves along east coast, but wandering around a sea of yellow swarm the woods blew me away. I had to pause my walk to take a bunch of pictures. 

This cross monument should make its way towards the top of your Canadian bucket list. Obviously, the cross is not as colorful as the leaves. Point aside, where else can you find an enlarged cross in the middle of nature? I didn’t take a picture of the graffiti underneath the cross, but there were a bunch of signatures and small messages in French.

A group of older Chinese women were practicing tai chi at the top of Mont Royal.

The view was great on its own, but the women’s energy and the rush of adrenaline from reaching the top of Mont Royal made the view seem even more surreal.

The cold and long walk was worth it for this view. As dorky as this sounds, I kept thinking about the opening scenes from Divergent when the camera would zoom out for the audience to see the city of Chicago.

Hope this blog entry sparked some wanderlust! Safe travels.

With style,